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Commercial Remediation

B Waddell Consulting Engineers are experienced in all aspects of commercial remediation
Willetton Building

Failure of side boundary wall of commercial building. The existing masonry wall failed due to soil and vehicle loading from the adjoining property. The immediate requirement was to stabilise the wall. A steel support frame was designed to stabilise and support the wall while arrangements for the design and replacement of the wall could be undertaken.

The external wall was replaced with concrete tilt panels designed for vehicular and soil loading from the adjoining property.

Perth Hotel

Cracks to a multi storey Perth hotel were inspected with a report outlining recommendations for repair prepared and provided to the specialist contractor.

Balcatta Workshop

The existing workshop had two 5.0 Tonne runways within the building and three existing overhead cranes. The request by the owner was to determine what modifications would be required to the building and crane support structure to change out the existing cranes with new 10 Tonne capacity cranes.

Following site investigation and measurements the building and crane rails were modelled and checked using SpaceGass, a structural analysis program to determine what would be required to increase the capacity of the existing crane beams.

The required works to the building and crane support structure for increasing the crane rail capacity to 10 Tonne was determined and provided via a report and drawings, enabling the required works to be completed.

What we offer

B Waddell Consulting Engineers are experienced in all aspects of commercial remediation from site investigation and preparation of reports to engineering design and preparation of documentation to enable remediation works to be quoted and completed.

Structural engineering input into building remediation can ensure that the required works are identified and the structural integrity of the building is maintained in the most practical and cost effective manner.

Damage to commercial property can occur from a multitude of reasons including:

  • Damage from settlement being either global or locally,
  • Ground movement due to soil type or undermining;
  • Storm damage;
  • Vehicular impact;
  • Corrosion of structural members over time;
  • Misuse or overloading;
  • Fire damage.

Some examples of remedial works completed includes the following.

Vehicular Impact

Occasionally we are requested to inspect and prepare reports for buildings which have been impacted by vehicles. In this instance the lack of a bollard between the carpark and building had resulted in a vehicle impacting to the side of the building.

A site inspection and preparation of a report enabled the owner to quickly repair the damage to the building.

commercial Wall Removals

Often the fit out for a new business may require removal of walls or widening to existing doorways. B Waddell Consulting Engineers can provide assistance with the design and certification of modifications to existing buildings from wall removals to the addition of mezzanine floors.

Corroded Concrete Reinforcement

We are often requested to prepare reports for corrosion of reinforcement to concrete elements. Typically a repair method and product specification is provided in a final report to enable remediation works to be completed.

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