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What is finite element analysis?

Finite element analysis (FEA) utilises numerical techniques to determine the response of a structure when subjected to static and dynamic loading conditions. It allows for a detailed analysis of complex components. FEA is a powerful engineering tool that can simulate and predict physical phenomena such as stress, vibration, fatigue and motion.  It is often used to design plate structures or components that would otherwise be difficult to model or check.

How we can help

B. Waddell Consulting Engineers pride ourselves on providing a high quality and affordable service that suits the needs of our clients. Our team of determined structural engineers offer an advanced technical skillset which is complemented by practical experience from previous heavy industry projects.

At B. Waddell Consulting Engineers, we utilise the latest Strand7 software to ensure that the most recent technology and processes are used. Our comprehensive understanding of FEA and computer software has been useful in a wide range of heavy industry projects.

FEA has been used effectively by our engineers to model unique loadings and structures specific to each project. B. Waddell Consulting Engineers are capable of advising whether FEA would be applicable and how it can be beneficial to our clients.

Our specialised structural engineers can apply FEA to provide the following services:

  • Provide detailed analysis of unique plate structures such as chutes and bins;
  • Determination of fatigue strength;
  • Optimise components to save costs, typically reducing required plate thickness or complexity;
  • Perform a structural certification in accordance with Australian standards or other requirements;
  • Check structures or components for impact loading;

Modelling of chutes and bins

Waddell Consulting Engineers are often contacted to request the design of customised structures. Common projects that involve FEA include the modelling of chutes and bins. In these projects, the chutes and bins are modelled using Strand7 and checked to ensure deflections and strength are adequate in accordance with relevant standards.

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