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B. Waddell Consulting Engineers have over 30 years of experience in providing structural reports for properties and structures across Perth and WA.
  • Retaining Walls – Measurement and documentation of failing or leaning retaining walls. Typical retaining walls in the Perth region include panel and post retaining walls, core filled brickwork, mass brickwork or limestone retaining walls. When these retaining walls are not constructed adequately, the wall can lean or crack over time. Our engineers are experienced in various repairs that are available to rectify a damaged retaining wall.
  • Fire Damage – Establish how much of the structure needs to be demolished and rebuilt to gain council approval for repairs. Our documents and reports will itemise the full details needed for approval and construction.
  • Termite Damage – This can often begin in the roof but then spread throughout the house. We assess the full extent of the damage throughout the property and provide the details in a structural report including drawings to guide the builders to adequately quote the repairs needed.

In-depth Structural Reports & Structural Building Inspections for Perth Properties and Structures

With over 30 years of experience in providing structural reports and inspections for all types of properties and structures, our engineers can assist you with a quick turnaround time for your report.

No matter if you need an engineer report for your house, commercial or industrial structure. The team at B.Waddell Consulting Engineers are here to help.

Our Consulting Engineers support the Greater Perth and surrounding regions for investigations and the preparation of structural reports to assist you to remediate damaged or failing structures.

Our structural inspections and engineer reports cater for the following scenarios:

  • Retrospective Approval – Measuring, documenting and checking existing structures that require engineering certification and inspection to gain Council approval for the structures. This can include extensions, patios, retaining walls, sheds and pools.
  • Structural Cracks – Investigation of cracking to properties. Our structural reports prepared by our qualified engineers cover the extent of the damage and detail recommended remedial works.
  • Concrete Damage – Damaged concrete structures typically through either impact damage or corrosion of reinforcement commonly referred to as concrete cancer. Our reports will typically detail the extent of damage, cause and required remedial works to repair the structure.
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