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Warehouse and Showrooms

B Waddell Consulting Engineers have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial design
The russell inn

Design and engineering documentation of the Russell Inn in Morley. Working with the building company Built Ink to provide an economical design, being that the building is fully glazed along one edge.

The site presented an interesting problem in terms of layout for the building as the site is only 15m wide but 180m long. Being that the building was very long and slender, was fully glazed along one edge and had no significant internal walls, the buiding required a portal skeleton frame to offer stability that was hidden by the architectural design.

Bayswater Industrial Units

Five 1000+ square metre units each fitted with overhead cranes.

Collie Commercial Building

The original design for this building was found to exceed the owner’s budget by approximately $200k, disallowing any finance approvals and prohibiting construction. B Waddell Consulting Engineers was appointed to redesign the building to try and reduce costs. Using practical and efficient solutions, the new design resulted in the saving of construction costs by well over the required $200k, which allowed the building to be financed and constructed.

What we offer

B Waddell Consulting Engineers have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial design.

Structural engineering input into the building layout or structural support at an early stage can ensure that the design incorporates structural integrity, practical methods of construction and be cost effective.

Familiar building methods for warehouses, showrooms, general commercial buildings and sheds include the following:

  • Portal frames in both hot rolled and cold formed sections;
  • Tilt-up concrete panels;
  • Light weight panels;
  • Precast and pour in-situ suspended slabs;

Some examples of warehouses and showrooms designed and documented by B. Waddell Consulting Engineers includes the following.

Hotel Entry Modifications

The modification to this hotel included an entirely new entry area and rebuilding the front of the building to create new offices and meeting rooms.

Unit 8, 1 Irwin Road Wangara
Western Australia


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