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Structural Wall Removal Perth

B. Waddell Consulting Engineers are trained to provide advice, design and documentation for all wall removal and/or renovation projects, including structural wall removal in Perth.

What is a structural wall?

The term ‘structural wall’, also known as a load bearing wall, refers to a wall that is fundamental to the support of a building. Structural walls are vital to a building’s structure and strength as they carry weight from the roof. Removal of a structural wall, without consulting with a structural engineer first, can lead to a plethora of safety problems, including sagging floors, cracked interior walls and even total collapse of the building.

Can a structural wall be removed?

Structural walls are structural elements and removal could compromise the integrity of a building. However, this doesn’t mean that it cannot be done, simply that the weight the wall is carrying must be transferred to another form of supporting structure.

Before any construction takes place, it is imperative for a structural engineer to visit the premises to inspect whether the wall in question is load bearing and what the implications of removal are.

How can we help?

B. Waddell Consulting Engineers are commonly sought for renovation projects that involve (or could potentially involve) structural wall removal. We’re qualified to inspect, design and document on all types of internal and external walls and frequently visit residential properties for such services. Whether you want to create an open kitchen or living plan, remove a central pillar, or install a garage roller door, our structural engineers can help!

As Perth’s leading structural engineers, our experienced team can consult on structural wall removal and operate according to Australian building regulations, therefore we can advise when a load bearing wall needs to be replaced with a supporting beam.

B. Waddell Consulting Engineers are trained in structural wall removal and can provide the following services:

  • Inspection of the property and wall in question
  • Analysis of the wall from inside the roof
  • Photographs of the visual inspection
  • Architectural plans
  • Customised designs
  • Design documentation (so accurate quotes can be obtained)
  • Advice on structural beams and connections
  • Letters of certification
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